Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

Our efficient data cleansing services, also known as data scrubbing services, includes maintenance and updation of details and information of your Customers – Partners – Competitors, which is relevant and important to ensure that your database stays up to date.

Data cleaning/Data scrubbing services include:

  • Correction of addresses and various contact details in your database assures of that your communication channels perform fine. Correction of contact details of people who have moved away or changed their locations – phone numbers – Personal information.
  • Remove data duplicates while assembling huge databases of your customer contacts. It saves you from data bloating and also helps you by refraining you from sending across multiple communications to single customer. We would partner you with data verification and cleansing, duplicate entries.
  • Conversion of upper / lower case names are a very important aspect while communicating to your customers. Surveys have proved that they appreciate companies that remember their names correctly as customers. Our data cleansing solutions take care of converting cases where required with anadditional advantage of taking into consideration account language accents in names.
  • Gender addition / correction to names becomes vital for strategic planning and decision making based on gender based reports.
  • Data integrity audits, that ensure textual information is populated in appropriate fields for text and not in any other filed meant for other form of records.

Our data cleansing services are widely used for situations involving detection of corrupted records, replacing inaccurate data, correcting values in a list of entries, removing typo errors and many more.

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