File Format Conversion

File Format Conversion

File Format Conversion is becoming increasingly necessary for business to run their show seamlessly. Our services, on-demand or early and regular conversions, may further be used for sharing and publishing purposes, or using them in a new context altogether.

Appropriate expertise & care is taken while converting your files for potential naming conflicts, access control issues, external references to files, file system metadata dependencies and of course the requirements of maintaining links with original documents as well. May it be batch conversion, character support, quality assurance or retention of originals, competitive pricing and achieved deadlines is what we promise and deliver.

A brief overview of our data conversion services:

  • Data capture – Indexing – Archiving
  • Digital imaging – Image editing, cropping & enhancement (Photoshop and CS6)
  • eBook format conversion
  • Hard copy, microfilm scanning and conversion into digitized formats
  • Image conversion to xhtml – tiff to pdf
  • Media format conversion
  • Microfiche
  • OCR Clean up, ICR and OMR
  • PDF, Word and Excel conversions
  • Quark, Interleaf, Frame Maker and PageMaker into XML, SGML and HTML
  • Textual books to HTML, XML, XHTML, searchable PDF and MS Word

Data conversion along with data file conversion is precisely handled safeguarding original files/data. Our structured processes supported with state-of-the-art data conversion software and infrastructures assure our clients with high quality outputs.

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