Graphic Designing

Graphic Design ServicesPrint/Publish ready copies – High resolution, tightly formatted powerful layouts for all types of marketing collaterals, websites, ecommerce portals, presentations etc have become increasingly important for effective marketing and documentation.

With us, you can be sure to avail graphic design services that are the best in terms of quality, creativity and price. Our designs strike a perfect balance; they are aesthetic, communicative and leave a long lasting impression.

DTP Services

Our unparalleled DTP services capabilities include raster to vector conversion, typesetting, text formatting, formatting documents, reports, manuals and brochures containing numerical data, graphics, photographs, texts, charts, logos, tables, etc. We have language experts and professional linguists who can perform multilingual desktop publishing in various languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Greek, Japanese etc.

Image Editing

Our team of experts is adept at delivering the best Image enhancement and editing services. Clients can provide us with photographs or images that need to be enhanced / edited, in any format. We use several image editing and enhancement techniques such as retouching, cropping, logo removal, background setting, correcting lighting and colors, adjusting shape contours, addition or removal of objects etc.

We have extensive experience of enhancing photo shoot images by adjusting body and face contours, whitening teeth, defining eyes, redeye removal, removing glares and shadows, removing blemishes, wrinkles and acne marks from the skin etc.

Creative Designing

We understand your business, when it comes to Creative Designing, and align our designs with your marketing strategies to develop the most suitable branding designs, for company logos, websites, brand merchandise, product packaging etc.

Also, avail highly creative ready to print/publish designs – of the finest quality, for advertisements, posters, brochures, newsletters banners and other marketing collaterals. Our graphic design specialists can help you translate ideas into creative graphic designs and bring out the best results to your advantage.

Understanding the business and marketing objectives of client is the first step towards delivering beyond client expectation – we follow this. Our team of experts accept inputs in any format and deliver solutions in a format – PDF, CDR, JPEG, DOC, GIF, Flash, SGV, PPT, XML, PSD, TIFF etc. as requested by the client. We use our graphic design capabilities to give a very stylish and as desired look and feel to your marketing material. This becomes a unique selling preposition, helps you market and reposition your brand and gain a edge over your competitors.

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