Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant, also known as a VA, will provide complete professional assistance from a remote location – i.e from our operational centers in India.

In today’s era of multitasking and tight scheduling our VA’s help you, effectively manage time, avail technical support, creative support or administrative assistance of utmost precision and quality. If miscellaneous support activities are eating up a lot of your time, that you could rather productively invest in business growth, then virtual assistant services are for you.

Data Entry

Document typing for records and data entry work is essential for effective and smooth administration in an organization. However, mundane it might be, but it has to be done. Our virtual assistant can help you with the everyday data entry, excel sheet maintenance and typing work including:

  • Account and bookkeeping
  • Product data entry
  • Inventory update and management
  • Online data entry
  • Business data entry

Appointment/Event Scheduling

Clients can focus on core activities while – we, i.e. our Virtual assistants, can book and schedule all your appointments, interviews, meetings and events on your behalf, and also give timely reminders and updates about the same. With perfect communication, scheduling and timely reminder activities you’ll never ever miss an appointment/event.

  • Vendor coordination
  • Interview / meeting scheduling
  • Itinerary planning
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Appointment scheduling

Internet Research

Hiring a VA for internet research requirements makes great business sense. A Virtual assistant, sitting at a remote location and having access to the best research tools, can find you any kind of information you need. This includes

  • Finding great investment options
  • Best resources to expand your business
  • Finding flight schedules
  • Research for market trends
  • Market trends and buying patterns research

Business Card Scanning

Keeping records of important contacts is very important for businesses. Scanning business cards, storing and managing a database is the best solution, this makes it easy to look up for contacts when required. Virtual assistant at Hitech can help you manage a database of important contacts:

  • Send us your business cards
  • We scan them and create an indexed database
  • Your assistant at our base, will upload this over a secure FTP platform
  • Download and use this database for easy lookup of your contacts

Correspondence Management

Hire a virtual assistant who can take care of all your online communications and correspondences. Our remote assistant is your full time clerk/administration executive who ensures that there is effective, timely and productive communication between you and your clients/stakeholders/consumers etc. VA’s duties involve:

  • Suitable and timely reply to all your mails
  • Answer voice mails when you are not available
  • Create and publish newsletters/special offers/ schemes etc to for your customers and stakeholders

Desktop Publishing Services

Our VA’s have access to the best resources and tools like Adobe Indesign, Pagemaker, Quark and many more, to design and format pamphlets brochures, reports, publication materials etc. Hire a virtual assistant, delegate your DTP and graphic design work and relax. Virtual assistant’s at hitech are experts at

  • Developing impressive graphics
  • DTP typesetting
  • Layout design and formatting
  • Photo editing
  • Designing marketing material, sale displays, banners and catalogs
  • Format content and layout for publications

Presentations / Spreadsheets Creation

If you lack the resources and the time to create presentations and spreadsheets, then you need a virtual assistant. We help you prepare the most articulate presentations and the most accurate spreadsheets. Your VA can also prepare presentations for a meeting scheduled in a short notice.

  • Prepare reports
  • Design presentation slides
  • Develop presentation material
  • Create pivot tables
  • Develop graphs and charts

Travel / Airline & Hotel Reservations

Want to book tickets for a seminar, a training session, air tickets for a business trip, hotel bookings – name it and we will do it for you. We can also provide VA’s to travel agencies and hotels. No need to worry about busy telephone lines and missed opportunities we allow your clients to book 24×7.

  • Vacation planning
  • Re-schedule/cancel bookings
  • Booking for flights/ trains/ cabs
  • Hotel reservations
  • Booking venues for events, seminars, meetings etc.

Our virtual assistants are highly qualified and experienced to provide comprehensive assistance in helping organizations/individuals/institutions get their work done easily and in an organized manner. The performance of the assistant hired by you is monitored constantly. Besides, utmost care is taken that you can remain constantly in touch with your hired assistant through mails, online chat and phone calls. Hiring a VA at Hitech will not only save you a lot of time, but also relive you of the efforts and investments that go into hiring, training, and retaining in-house assistants.

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