Web Research

Web Research Services

Companies use valuable data collected and processed by market research specialists at Hitech to gain insight into the market trends and costumer behavior, further predict the future and take informed decisions.

A process oriented approach allows us to achieve quality of the highest order. We have provided web research services across a range of industries including but not limited to finance, advertising and media, health care, legal, automobile etc.

Our ability to conduct a detailed analysis of the market and technologies our client deals in, to further search, identify, collect and organize relevant information – we never miss out a detail, makes us the ideal choice to partner for all your web research requirements.

Data Collection

A thorough understanding of client’s business, service offerings and market segment allows detailed collation of useful data from all types of online resources like blogs, business listings, websites, customer reviews, articles etc. The collected and filtered information helps clients take informed decisions, it provides a ready reference, based on which clients can analyze, and plan their business strategies.

Our full services data collection portfolio includes:

  • Details from Online Auctions and Websites
  • Data Collection for Creating Mailing Lists
  • Image Data Collection
  • Information collection for legal sector
  • Data collation for Market Research & Analysis
  • Medical Details Data Collection
  • Product and Services Feedback Data Collection
  • Data Collection from online surveys

Data Mining

Our data mining expertise helps clients gain insight into relevant information from a variety of resources and hence, gain a competitive edge. We mine information and deliver it in an analytically rich format for our clients to easily access what is required and take informed decisions.

Our data mining capabilities include:

  • Multiple database synchronization
  • Feeding mined information into excel sheets
  • Creation of mailing lists
  • Extracting meta data from online sources
  • Data mining for brand, product and customer feedback information
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market trend analysis for identifying opportunities
  • Data base mining
  • Text and multimedia data mining
  • Data Mining from Directories, Ecommerce Websites and Networking Sites
  • Latest news summarization

Data Validation

Our data validation capabilities guarantee that the collated and entered data into an automated system is valid, accurate and consistent. Our validation operations are implemented based on the complexity, scope and the purpose of the data. If data that is not validated is used for research and analysis purpose, it negatively impacts the strategy planning and decision making process.

Our data validation capabilities include:

  • Data type validation
  • Validation of data range and constraint
  • Code and Cross-reference based validation
  • Structured data validation

Data Scraping

We can scrape information from literally any online source, webpage, PDF, social media, local listings, wiki, e-commerce sites, blogs, directories, listings, reviews, and the list is endless. We use all types of computer expedited techniques like (Text grepping and regular expression matching, HTTP programming, HTML parsers, DOM parsing, etc.) and manual copy paste technique to harvest data from the web and further convert it into structured formats like excel, SQL, CSV, XML, etc. We can also scrape data such as complete name, address and contact details, product details, pricing details etc.

Our web scraping abilities include:

  • Image scraping
  • Harvesting information from images
  • Website data extraction
  • Screen capture
  • Data capture
  • Text scraping from online resources
  • Data extraction from PDF’s

Hitech believes in implementing efficient measures by combining the capabilities of specialized automated tools and the expertise of manual work for fulfillment of client objectives. Our in-depth and extensive research, ability to harvest hard to find information, a multi-layered quality assurance procedure, strict adherence to project deadlines and a promise of absolute data security and confidentiality makes us the best web research service provider across the globe.

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